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If you are seeking highly effective SEO services for your business website then you are in the right place. Our team was trained and mentored by a top SEO mastermind group in North America. We have a deep understanding of how Google reads and evaluates websites, and we can translate this into consistent page one rankings for our clients. Our team also completes dozens of hours of training every month to stay current with all the Google algorithm updates that are being done on a regular basis.

For those companies looking to drive massive, high-quality traffic to their website, you need to know this is directly affected by how high your business ranks organically in search engine results pages. Think about it – when you are searching for anything on the internet, how often do you click beyond the first page of results? How often do you click on ads? Face it – most people tend to trust organic results on the upper part of page one. In fact, the first 5 search results on Google get the lion’s share of attention from your target market, so there is big value to being found there. High-ranking organic results get the most clicks, and our digital marketing services can help get you there.


One of the main reasons why a company in Western Canada would want to hire a local Calgary SEO agency is that we keep a sharp eye on all the technical details involved in ranking a website specifically for your geographic location and market. As such, we have years of experience in dealing with a broad range of local professionals within the digital space, and we understand that proper SEO must work symbiotically along with other elements such as a compelling and functional website design, search engine marketing, and a forward-thinking overall marketing strategy.

As the biggest city in Alberta, Calgary features amazing scenery and has some of the best quality of life in the world, and it’s not just because people love the excitement of the Calgary Stampede or the bustle of Stephen Avenue. It is no wonder why more and more tech companies and start-ups are deciding to create a home base here! One of the great things about Calgary is that it offers all the energy of a large metro city with the warm and welcoming spirit of a smaller connected community.

If you own a business in Calgary, you already know how competitive it can be here. Having a strong online presence is critical, but it can seem next to impossible to rank on Google for high traffic keywords like “Calgary plumber” or “Calgary estate lawyer”. You need skilled and highly experienced SEO experts to help you climb to the top of search engine results.

Reach out to us and let’s start discussing how we can help your business grow.

Are you curious about search engine optimization for your Calgary business?

SEO is one of the most effective forms of inbound marketing tools. It has an ROI of at least 10 to 1, but the key is that it must be done correctly!

SEO is extremely valuable because it brings pre-qualified leads and customers to your business website and Google Maps profile. Customers are searching for you and your services. For example, you most likely searched “Calgary SEO” or “Calgary SEO Agency” or “Calgary SEO Company” and look what you found! SEO drastically reduces the need for in-person sales pitches, and who doesn’t love that?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At SearchBeyond, SEO is our primary offering. Every single day there are hundreds of people actively looking for the products and services your business provides. They just don’t know where to find you. Our battle-tested system allows your website to maximize your reach to the potential customers you’re missing out on right now.

Website Design / On-Page Optimization

SEO boosts your website’s rankings, but your website also needs to be dynamic enough to hold that attention and get those clicks. We know that web design & on-page optimization have a symbiotic effect when it comes to CTR (click-through rates), and we can leverage that power for your business.

Local SEO / Google Maps

Having your company featured in the “map pack” is now almost considered the VIP line of SEO organic search results.  If you have a business with a physical location and you want to increase “customer walk-ins”, showing up consistently in Google maps can and will make this happen.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Ads (Pay Per Click advertising) is known as “intent marketing”. We make sure that your ads are being shown to customers who are actively seeking your products and services.  SearchBeyond will ensure that your ad budget is stretched to the maximum possible to give you the best ROI.

Marketing Strategy & Branding

Your company’s branding and identity are the foundational pillars upon which your brand values rest. SearchBeyond will capture the spirit of your business with creative strategies. We will create experiences that people remember, connecting brands with the most receptive audience.

Digital Marketing

SearchBeyond provides a full array of digital marketing services. Our team is composed of experienced marketing and branding professionals who specialize in facilitating business growth using the Internet.


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We have broad expertise in various SEO tactics to help your website rank higher through both organic and paid solutions.

We know what kinds of questions your prospective clients are asking, how to increase your solution’s visibility and how to attract attention to your website. We know what works and we want to put our SEO expertise to work for you.

Top ranking websites have these critical qualities when compared to lower-ranking pages:

    • They are an average of 21% faster
    • They have an 9.6% lower bounce rate
    • They have almost 7x more links
    • They contain an average of 1,954 words

Search Engine Optimization involves so many aspects of your digital footprint and it’s constantly changing. If there is one marketing service that you farm out to professionals, this is it. An SEO agency has experts that are consistently updating their knowledge and tactics to include the newest algorithm updates from Google. They analyze the data behind the strategy and make regular tweaks to improve your rankings. In highly competitive industries especially, the smallest details can give you an edge over your competition so you can rise to the top, but you need the best SEO company to get there!

Not sure how to achieve these critical factors for your website? Not to worry, we do – So let’s chat!

Your marketing plan should always be a joint effort. You are the expert on your business and we are the experts at getting you seen online and creating traffic to your website. Working closely together, we will navigate you through creating the perfect plan to lead paying clients directly to your website.

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